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Vii Pizza Capital Partners LLC

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Funded - $31,000
Time Left - 116 days
Target - $2,700,000
Max. Raise - $2,700,000


Project Overview

Vii Pizza Capital Partners LLC

Jalousie Bay holds real estate & restaurant properties in its portfolio. Purchase & restructure 13 existing local pizza operations and form one consolidated chain of Pizza Stores in the Seattle area.

Seattle based Piton Capital (“Piton” or “the Company”), an investment company with real estate and restaurant properties in its existing portfolio has made a strategic decision to roll-up a group of existing and yet to be opened branded pizza businesses (“the Stores”) from which it will derive a diverse stream of revenue and profits.

A roll up strategy is the process of acquiring and merging multiple smaller companies in the same industry and consolidating them into a large company. It can also offer a broader range of products and services than a single, smaller company.

Once the immediate roll-up that is detailed in this document has been completed, the Company will receive royalty income from the Jet City Pizza brand that it has agreed to acquire and operating income from the pizza Stores it will own as a franchisee.

Piton is the vision of two longtime friends and business partners, Matt Lersch and Scott McCarron. Over the years these two executives have invested successfully in real estate as well as the hospitality industry.

The Company has established the following objectives for its first twelve months of operation:

 Complete the roll-up strategy that is the subject of this business plan;
 Continue to build its brands by creating remarkable and memorable guest experiences;
 Implement a new, more effective marketing strategy to create awareness for each of its more than 14 locations;
 Build a customer base of “regulars” who will not let a week go by without at least one visit to a Round Table or Jet City location;
 Develop winning habits and teach store managers and staff how to execute successful routines;
 Create a database that captures guest information to invite for return visits;
 Focus on organization and systems of operation;
 Delegate responsibility to management, continue repeating this process;
 Be involved and continue to evolve;
 Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control;
 Provide service that is beyond reproach to each of its surrounding communities

Use of Proceeds


SEE PPM & Business Plan


Locations owned and additional stores either under contract, or ready for contract.

Only stores marked with "operational" should be considered for secured until further funding is available.


Garlic Jim's Locations

18404 120th Ave                      Bothell             WA     98011

9796 Edmonds Way                 Edmonds         WA     98020 

3922 148th SE                         Mill Creek         WA     98012

10924 Mukilteo Speed way      Mukiltea           WA     98275 

11523 Avondale Rd NE            Redmond         WA     98052 

3602 6th Ave                            Tacoma            WA     98406 


Roundtable Pizza


16208 Ash Way Suite 115        Lynnwood       WA     98087  store already owned and operational

4002 A St SE                            Auburn            WA     98002

34410 16th Ave S                     Federal Way   WA     98003 

302 SW 43rd St                        Renton            WA     98055 


Jet City Pizza Co


14957 N Kelsey St                      Monroe            WA     98272 

6920 Coal Creek Pkwy               Newcastle        WA     98059 

Wedgewood    WA                      Operational store.  Acquire territory and equipment and open new location closer to the university.


Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

SEE PPM & Business Plan

Jalousie Bay Holdings Inc “The Parent”

•12 Shareholder LLCs

•One member from each LLC holds seat on board

•Majority of decisions made by Management Team


Roles of Entities

Jalousie Bay Investments Inc.

DBA Jalousie Bay Management

•100% held by Jalousie Bay Holdings Inc

•Operates all assets for Piton Capital LLC

•Manager of all LLC’s • Holds no assets or ownership share

•Separates the assets from operations thus creating a layerof liability protection


Sagitta Staffing Inc.

Contracted to provide staffing for assets under management of Jalousie Bay Management

•100% held by Jalousie Bay Holdings Inc

•Separates employees from operator and assets

•Opportunity for varied benefit packages

•Ability to seamlessly move staff as required 


Piton Capital LLC

Series LLC that holds all assets under separate cell agreements

•Each asset under separate LLC as “Disregarded Entity”

•Free Cash Flow rolls up to Piton Capital LLC from asset LLCs

•Allows partnerships with outside investors

•Provide addi􀆟onal level of separa􀆟on from assets


Risks & Disclosures

Projected allocation of funds for Pizza Domination:


Round Table Auburn acquisition                                $250,000

Jet City Franchise License                                         $550,000

Jet City Mt Vernon acquisition                                   $150,000

Jet City Wedgewood acquisition                               $150,000

Jet City Issaquah tenant improvement                      $175,000

Jet City Pine Lake tenant improvement                     $150,000

Round Table Lynnwood tenant improvement            $225,000

Jet City Kent “the Hangar” tenant improvement        $900,000

Balance for contingency/working capital                   $150,000


Client has possession of all spaces for tenant improvements, full permits for the Round Table Lynnwood location, and demo permits for Jet City Kent location.

They are applying for demo permits for Pine Lake this week and Issaquah next week.

Demolition on Kent starts next week (October 18th) and Lynnwood the week after.

Client is funding as much of the work as possible while they wait for funds to be raised.

They are scheduling tenant improvements to be completed within the next 8 months but most likely much sooner depending on permits.


Previous Funding


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Offering Documents


Meet the Vii Pizza Capital Partners LLC team


Manager VII Capital Funds LLC
Mark G. Visconti

Mr. Visconti has been in the Commercial Business since 1978. He has attained 5 licenses, 2 Fiduciary, 2 Certifications and several Designations. He is the Licensee Qualifying Agent and CEO of Visconti Industries Incorporated and Manager of VII Capital Funds LLC. Attended Hartford State Technical College and Graduated from the Broward County State Contractors School.

Securities Legal Consultant
Darin H. Mangum, Esq

Mangum & Associates provide legal services as the Fund’s securities counsel and provides Securities Compliance, Advice and Guidance.

Head of Research and Logistics Department
Therese A. Visconti

Therese earned her BA from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY then went on to earn a MS in Exceptional Education from Nova South Eastern University, Broward County, FL. She is in charge of Research and Development as well Logistics for all projects.

Communications and Scheduling, Administration Department
Ms. Sarah Visconti

Sarah earned her BA in Philosophy and History from Holy Apostles College In Cromwell, CT. She then acquired her Certificate in Publishing for the University of Denver. She is in charge of Research of inter Communications within VII Capital Funds LLC

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