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Vii Capital Manganese Fund LLC

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Funded - $1,000
Time Left - 116 days
Target - $75,000,000
Max. Raise - $100,000,000


Project Overview

Vii Capital Manganese Fund LLC

Orisoun Minerals & Resources Ltd is a London based company involved in Mining and metals business. Orisoun owned Shiloh Manganese has a working and producing Manganese Mine near Korhago in Ivory Coast

Orisoun Minerals and Resources Ltd is a London based company involved in Mining and metals business. Orisoun owned Shiloh Manganese has a working and producing Manganese Mine near Korhagoin Ivory Coast. The existing Manganese Mine with Mining License No PE46 is extended above an area of 95 sq.km and with proven and probable reserves of more than 16 million tons and this License area has four distinct mineralized blocks, namely Lopin, Laniokaha, Sonavago and Dassoumble. Now Shiloh Manganese is producing 360,000 tons of Manganese Ore per annum for Laniokaha Block and is planning to enhance the production to meet the global demand. Hence it is planned to start the mining operations in Dassoumble and Sonavago blocks.



Use of Proceeds

A total capital expenditure of USD 89.5 million has been incurred by Shiloh from the year 2013, of which USD 32.5 million was towards a one-time license fee paid to the Government. The remaining amount of USD 57.0 million was primarily spent towards the following:

1) Initial prospecting, exploration and demarcation of the 225.0 sq. km and final carving out of 95.0 sq. km for immediate extraction.

2) Land development activity, construction of building and civil works, laying of roads and worker quarters besides conveyor facilities, ore beneficiation facility including plant and machinery and initial working capital etc, has cost a total outlay of USD 43.0 million.  USD 7.6 million was spent on Dassoumble and Sonavogo blocks for conveyor, transportation, road development, explosives for blasting, plant & machinery for drilling, drainage etc. This also includes the pre-feasibility studies for mining, geological study of soil and landmass.4)USD 6.4 million was spent on port development in Abidjan, railway networks to Ferkesse dougou, purchase of machinery for transportation and material handling in railway and port.

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

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Meet the Vii Capital Manganese Fund LLC team

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Managing Director of Metals at John T. Boyd Company
Gregory Sparks

P.E. and Q.P. with forty years of mining experience embracing surface (including alluvial) and underground mines and plants. Commodity experience including precious metals, base metals, industrial minerals, and coal.

Manager, Vii Capital Funds
Mr. Mark G. Visconti

Mr. Visconti has been in the Commercial Business since 1978. He holds 5 licenses, 2 Fiduciary, 2 Certifications and several Designations. He is the Licensee Qualifying Agent and CEO of Visconti Industries Incorporated and Manager of VII Capital Funds LLC. Attended Hartford State Technical College and Graduated from the Broward County State Contractors School

Securities Counsel
Darin H. Mangum, Esq

Mangum & Associates provide legal services as the Fund’s securities counsel and provides Securities Compliance, Advice and Guidance.

Research and Logistics, Administration Department
Mrs. Therese A. Visconti

Therese earned her BA from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY then went on to earn a MS from Nova South Eastern University, Broward County, FL. She is in charge of Research and Development as well Logistics for all projects.

Communications and Scheduling, Administration Department
Ms. Sarah Visconti

Sarah earned her BA in Philosophy and History from Holy Apostles College In CT. She then acquired her Certificate in Publishing from the University of Denver, CO. Sarah oversees Project Communications and Publishing

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