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PLAA Wear Inc.

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Funded - $47,400
Time Left - Closed
Target - $10,000
Max. Raise - $5,000,000


Project Overview

PLAA Wear Inc.

Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in the company that will soon be the world's most valuable fashion brand! Tremendous ROI potential for investors

PLĀA Wear is more than just fashion, it's a feeling.

Our brand is about making a statement, but not just in a fashion sense. PLĀA stands for Positivity, Love, And Acceptance. Our mission is to unify humanity through our apparel because we see too much division in the world currently, and we recognize that all people deserve to be treated with kindness, love, and respect. 

We offer a distinct collection of apparel that is both cool to see and comfortable to wear. Our brand has a greater purpose to unify humanity, but our founders are passionate about fashion first and we recognize that our clothing must look good for people to want to wear it.

Beyond these great reasons to invest in PLĀA Wear, our business model is sustainable and built for profitability. We are a made-to-order fashion brand that does not carry a physical inventory. We do not produce apparel until an order is placed, at which point the cost of the items are already paid for and include shipping costs. This allows PLĀA Wear to operate at a much lower cost than our traditional, physical retail competitors.

We intend on eventually entering the physical retail space, with a select few locations worldwide to expand our design capabilities. We will not make this change however, until the business is profitable enough and brand sales can withstand adding the additional expense. We will also carefully decide how we will produce mass amounts of clothing to ensure we reduce waste, because we care about the environment.

PLĀA Wear has already sold over $5,000 of apparel in just a few months, with zero ($0) advertising budget. All brand sales thus far are from social media advertising, at no cost to the business. The funds we secure from our crowdfunding campaign, and any additional efforts to raise capital, will assist us in advertising the brand to gain more exposure. Social media will fundamentally always be an intricate part of our business model though because we recognize that relationships and/or the human connection are what generates interest in the brand and helps us sell clothing, so this will always be a staple of how PLĀA Wear operates.

In summation, PLĀA Wear is a trendy and fashionable clothing brand with a greater purpose. Our business model is sustainable, built for profitability, and environmentally friendly. We are founded by a diverse management team that is passionate about fashion, but also understands how to run a business in conjunction with a wealth of experience in the corporate world.

Do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see tremendous return on investment, by getting in on the ground floor of a company with explosive growth potential!

Use of Proceeds

The primary function of our crowdfunding campaign is to utilize the funds for advertising our business. We have sold $5000 in apparel in just a few months with $0 advertising budget. Our main form of marketing thus far has been social media advertising and email campaigns, and both carry zero cost to the business. As a made-to-order clothing brand with a monthly expense of less than $850, we have been close to profitability on a month-to-month basis already. We recognize that introducing an advertising budget increases our monthly expenses, but we are at the point where the business needs more exposure to thrive. Our team is well versed in marketing and we understand how to gain maximum exposure for the business while minimizing ad spend. We will also be prudent in our marketing spend and be sure not to threaten the livelihood of the business by overspending on advertising mediums.

The other use of proceeds will be to pay our securities attorney to file a Regulation A registration statement with the SEC, so PLĀA Wear can gain approval to become a publicly traded company. This is the first expense to be paid from the proceeds raised via crowdfunding, and approval of the registration statment with the SEC allows us to offer an initial public offering of company stock. This step allows investors to realize returns on their crowdfunding investments.

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

Timothy DeJesus, President - 56.98% ownership share, 28,490,000 million shares

Dane Iorio, Chief Executive Officer - 10% ownership share, 5 million shares

Tanya Youngman, Chief Information Officer - 7% ownership share, 3.5 million shares

Joel Payne, Chief Marketing Officer - 4% ownership share, 2 million shares

Michael Iorio, Chief Creative Officer - 2% ownership share, 1 million shares

Jeremey Sea, Director of APAC Relations - .02% ownership share, 10,000 shares

10% of shares are available for purchase via crowdfunding campaign - 5 million shares at $1/share

10% of shares are designated as shares available for public float - 5 million shares

Total shares of company stock = 50 million shares

Risks & Disclosures

Although our management team has made reasonable efforts to mitigate risk, as with any investment there are risks involved. Please see attached Regulation Crowdfunding Offering Statement if you wish to view all Risk Factors associated with this offering.

Previous Funding

$38,450 ownership investment from founder(s)

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Meet the PLAA Wear Inc. team

Timothy DeJesus

Timothy DeJesus founded PLAA Wear Inc in 2020, with the idea of creating a fashion brand that had purpose. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Tim had experienced tremendous growth as an executive manager in the automotive retail space. He has always had an admiration for cars, but Tim is truly passionate about fashion and it shows in his clothing designs. When he’s not leading PLAA Wear Inc, Tim shares his love for music as a DJ on his weekly TikTok Live show called Turnt Up Thursday

Chief Executive Officer
Dane Iorio

Dane Iorio joined PLAA Wear Inc as Chief Executive Officer in 2020 where he currently oversees customer facing phases of the brand. He has over 15 years of retail apparel experience, primarily in management roles. Dane is also responsible for many of the designs you see across our entire fashion line.

Chief Information Officer
Tanya Youngman

Tanya Youngman joined PLAA Wear in 2021 as Chief Information Officer. Tanya brings more than 20 years of retail and customer service experience, and has progressed from entry-level positions to management roles in that time. She is responsible for data collection and presentation in our company. Along with her industry leading expertise, Tanya is passionate about people and life and a strong proud supporter and member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Chief Marketing Officer
Joel Payne

Joel Payne joined PLAA Wear as Chief Marketing Officer in 2021. Joel, a New Jersey native, brings more than 15 years of professional experience in corporate public relations and marketing, crisis communications, media training and political advocacy. Joel makes frequent national television appearances as a political commentator and analyst and is the host of the Here Comes the Payne podcast. Joel is responsible for marketing and communications within our company.

Director of APAC Relations
Jeremey Sea

Jeremey Sea, based in Singapore, joined PLAA Wear in 2021 as Director of Asian Pacific (APAC) Relations. Jeremey’s appointment, which reflects PLAA’s commitment to understanding and engaging the Asian diaspora, gives the company a leading edge retailer with direct expertise in Asian retail and marketing. Jeremey presents more than 15 years experience in the retail technology industry.

Chief Creative Officer
Michael Iorio

Michael Iorio is Dane Iorio’s brother and an instrumental part of our team. Prior to joining the team, Michael had come up with a few designs for PLĀA Wear and had ideas about the brand look and website functionality. He is now responsible for Quality Control and Assurance for PLĀA Wear and ensures that all designs and customer-facing brand identifiers are uniform. Mike is critical of each aspect of brand design, and as a fashion brand he is a tremendous asset to the team.


Our BAG (Big, Audaciuos Goal):

1 million in apparel sales by December 2022

Unify humanity through our apparel

Become the world's most valuable fashion brand

$1000 share price by December 2026


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