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Offering By AtomicO8

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Funded - $500
Time Left - 17 days
Target - $50,000
Max. Raise - $1,070,000




A SaaS solution for healthcare payors that transforms managed care.

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry without a data backbone, dependent on faxes.


Healthcare spending on technology both for payers,  providers, and government systems must and will only continue to increase, with all of this spending focused on expanding existing crumbling data infrastructures specific to each organization.  ProviderActive becomes the bridge between these systems, while also standing as a bulwark to existing and new solutions.

ProviderActive transforms managed care (health insurance-driven care) into intuitive processes through seamless systems integration, virtually eliminating:


  • Waiting for Approval
  • Denied Claims
  • Pharmacy Surprises
  • Surprise Healthcare Bills
  • Confusing Healthcare Coverage



ProviderActive is a SaaS solution interconnected medical and managed care (health insurance) services.  Focusing on the complex and diverse data and process interchanges between healthcare systems, streamlining operations, centralizing data, and driving down healthcare costs.  ProviderActive transforms managed care into a dynamic business actively responding to the needs of payors, providers, and members.


Searching for a Solution

The inability of healthcare organizations to access or assemble comprehensive data drives up the cost of care, delays treatment, and further complicates managed care operations.  The healthcare data swamp is the culmination of duplicative, incomplete, and incongruent data siloed within systems across the industry and unable to deliver comprehensive and cohesive medical or manage care information.

ProviderActive transforms healthcare data into accurate, comprehensive, and contextual data, which is the foundation for meaningful and actionable information.  ProviderActive's capabilities and AtomicO8's market position is filling the space between medical services and managed care operations.  ProviderActive adding both healthcare's data and operations fracture at the industry level brings resources back to patient care.


Market Position

ProviderActive's market position is the space between payors and providers, where managed care and the delivery of medical services intersect.  A healthcare data backbone, ProviderActive, interconnects the systems, and resources between payors and providers.  Sold to payors as a subscription SaaS solution, then distributed across their provider networks.  ProviderActive transforms healthcare data from a passive asset into an active resource that responds to payors, providers, and members with real-time information and intuitive Ai driven operations through seamlessly integrated solutions with existing healthcare systems.


Understanding Care & Managed Care

The leadership of AtomicO8 brings unique and extensive experience working with both payors and providers across various enterprise initiatives.  ProviderActive's architecture is designed on a deep understanding of the challenges, needs, and constraints of both payors and providers with a focus on integration with both systems and business operations.  AtomicO8's business-focused design of ProviderActive with a focus on integration with existing systems, complimenting business operations and preventing expensive re-investment in new technology.  The delicacy of the healthcare system highlight by Covid-19 demonstrates the demand for dramatic and extensive improvement without destabilization of what already exists.  ProviderActive gives payors, providers, administrators, investors, regulators deep insight to stop the hemorrhaging of today's healthcare systems with hospitals closing and prohibitive healthcare costs.  AtomicO8's understanding of managed is two-sided with one being medical services and the other managed care, and both necessary for either to exist.


Context / Meaning / Intersection

Healthcare is contextual with information giving meaning to information, exemplified when an individual's medical history provides context to help with diagnosis.  ProviderActive's data and process management services are not isolated functions; they are contextual operations.  Every action, services, and process across ProviderActive are interdependent, as is everything in medical and managed care.  Ai driven services such as graph relationship building, BPM identification, and deep analytics are persistent functions across the entire data landscape.

ProviderActive uses the data context created by graph relationships to identify and traverse all the medical and managed care events starting with a single diagnosis.  Intersections are points where medical and managed care services intersect, and from any single point (claim, diagnosis, Rx, etc.), users and systems can traverse healthcare supply chains.  ProviderActive's identification of data intersections in real-time continues to transform medicine and managed care, going past customized services into contextual operations driven by intersections.


ROI's & Profitability

ProviderActive is a SaaS subscription service purchased by payors at a fixed rate through the length of the contract.  The pricing disciple eliminates “up-charging” typically with healthcare IT projects and a source of contention with IT executives.  AtomicO8’s flat fixed monthly pricing model eases entry to market barriers by enabling payors to calculate accurate ROI by eliminating budget over-runs.  While AtomicO8 maintains fixed pricing, the financial model outline in the business plan delivers 12.4% ($17m) net profitability after 3 years of operations.  The fixed pricing structure calculated against the number of members within the serviced network gives payors multiple instant cost recuperation methods before ROI realization.

Use of Proceeds

We will adjust roles and tasks based on the next proceeds of the Offering.  We plan to use these proceeds as described below.


The companies intends to use the proceeds as follows:

  • To fund general working capital;
  • Continue to develop its PaaS and SaaS platforms; and
  • Significantly increase its sales and marketing efforts to generates sales revenues.

Part of the capital used under this Offering will be used to pay for marketing and advertising to drive an increasing number of potential customers through our website.  The Company also intends to use the proceeds of this and other Offerings to complete the build of its platform technologies and gain the required regulatory approvals which will enable customers to use the Company's platform.  We intend to increase our digital and social media marketing spend, grow our channel partnership base, and make improvements to our platform to increase our revenues from the sale of our software products.  As much of the Software has now been built, we anticipate that approximately one-fourth of the Company's expenses for the next 24 months will be spent on general working capital to build the company's brand and secure market share.  We also anticipate that approximately three-fourths of the Company's costs during the next 24 months will be dedicated to technology development and maintenance.  The balance will be used for marketing, advertising, legal & regulatory expenses and fees and sales and marketing.

As a technology organization in the healthcare space, AtomicO8 will operate as a "virtual organization."  The resources used in the first five months will be for vendors and knowledge workers that typically work offsite.  AtomicO8 operating as a virtual organization enables the use of capital funds for business development rather than office rent and other associated costs.  Operating month seven begins the ramp-up for entrance into the market and the establishment of a home office location for the housing of full-time staff.  AtomicO8 will utilize exclusive and dedicated hosted and managed services for ProviderActive, which eliminates the overhead, management, and operations of data centers.

We anticipate the proceeds from this Offering remaining after meeting offering expenses may be used as follows:

Use of Proceeds % of Minimum
Proceeds Raised
Amount if
Minimum Raised
% of Maximum
Proceeds Raised
Amount if
Maximum Raised
Intermediary Fees 5.00% $2,500 5.00% $53,500
Sales & Marketing 2.34% $1,170 2.34%


Legal & Regulatory 10.97% $5,485 10.97% $117,379
Technology Development 48.99% $24,495 48.99% $524,193
Working Capital 32.70% $16,350 32.70% $349,890
Total 100% $50,000 100% $1,070,000

The Use of Proceeds table is not inclusive of payments to financial and legal service providers and escrow related fees, all of which were incurred in preparation of the campaign and are due in advance of the closing of the campaign.

The Company has discretion to alter the use of proceeds set forth above to adhere to the Company's business plan and liquidity requirements.  For example, economic conditions may alter the Company's general marketing or general working capital requirements.


Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

The company has issued the following outstanding equity securities:

Type of Security Common Stock
Amount outstanding / Face Value 7,000,000
Voting Rights 1 vote per share
Anti-Dilution Rights No
How this security may limit,
dilute or quality the Security
issued pursuant to Regulation CF
Percentage ownership of the Company by
the holders of such security (assuming conversion
prior to the Offering if convertible securities).



Type of Security Common Stock
Amount outstanding / Face Value 7,000,000
Voting Rights 1 vote per share
Anti-Dilution Rights No
How this security may limit,
dilute or quality the Security
issued pursuant to Regulation CF

The preferred shares have a liquidation
preference which may limit the amount
of liquidation proceeds the holders of the SAFE
would receive.

Percentage ownership of the Company by
the holders of such security (assuming conversion
prior to the Offering if convertible securities).



Below the beneficial owners of 20% percent or more of the Company's outstanding voting equity securities, calculated on the basis of voting power, are listed along with the amount they own.

Name Number and type / class
of security held
Percentage ownership
Markus Toffe, CEO 4,200,000 of Common Stock 60%
Kristen Montez, President / COO 2,800,000 of Common Stock 40%


Risks & Disclosures

There are significant risks and uncertainties associated with an investment in the company and the securities.  The securities offered hereby are not publicly-traded and are subject to transfer restrictions.  There is no public market for the securities and one may never develop an investment in the company that is highly speculative.  The securities should not be purchased by anyone who cannot bear the financial risk of this investment for an indefinite period of time and who cannot afford the loss of their entire investment.  See the section of this Form C entitled "risk factors" these securities involve a high degree of risk that may not be appropriate for all investors.  This Form C does not constitute an offer in any jurisdiction in which an offer is not permitted.  Prior to consummation of the purchase and sale of any security the company will afford prospective investors an opportunity to ask questions of and receive answers from the company and its management concerning the terms and conditions of this offering and the company.  No source other than the intermediary has been authorized to give any information or make any representation other than those contained in the Form C, and if given or made by any other such person or entity, such information must not be relied on as having been authorized by that company.  Prospective investors are not to construe the contents of this Form C as legal, accounting or tax advice.  Each investor should consult his or her own financial adviser, counsel and accountant as to legal, tax and related matters concerning his or her investment.  The securities offered hereby will have transfer restrictions.  No securities may be pledged, transferred, resold or otherwise disposed of by any investor except pursuant to Rule 501 of Regulation CF.  Investors should be aware that they will be required to bear the financial risks of this investment for an indefinite period of time.

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Meet the ProviderActive team

President & COO
Kristen Montez

Ms. Montez joined as the Company’s COO in March of 2020. Ms Montez is a Founder of The Global Healthcare Law Group, APC, and has served as its founding attorney since August 2017. The Global Healthcare Law Group offers expertise in healthcare corporate structuring and governance, transactions and compliance, and medical malpractice. Prior to founding the Global Healthcare Law Group, she was a partner at Montez Law from August 2013 to August 2017.

Markus Toffe

Markus has worked with Anthem Blue Cross for over a decade and other industry-leading payors and banking organizations. Working with Anthem on projects encompassing national services such as State Sponsored Programs (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.). Developing solutions for specialty provider engagement groups gives Markus the unique insight in bridging the gaps between payors and providers.

Business Consultant
Ed Ekstrom

Ed is a Co-Founder and is currently a Managing Director of Clarity Partners. Ed's experience working for cutting edge companies and leading investment funds worth over $400m brings extensive knowledge and experience of numerous industries, business finance, and corporate leadership.

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