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The Van Zant House

Offering By Van Zant House Inc

About Documents
Funded - $3500
Time Left - 144 days
Target - $500,000
Max. Raise - $500,000


Project Overview

The Van Zant House

The Van Zant House is an historical property that the childhood home of Ronnie, Donnie, and Johnny Van Zant of the rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special...the Birthplace of Southern Rock.

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Use of Proceeds

Use of Funds

Use of initial proceeds will be used as follows:

Repayment of existing debt - $250,000 + any payoff and title transfer expenses

Repayment of current owner - $200,000, $50,000 of which will be re-invested into the new entity

Reserves for replacements: $50,000

Total:  $500,000

Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

Current sole owner is Todd Smith via Blue Horizon Property Solutions, LLC

On completion of raise and payoff of existing mortgage held by CIVIC Financial, title will transfer to Van Zant House Inc. 

Funds Raised via SAFE Agreement, no voting interest.

Board of Directors will be selected from SAFE holders

Board of Directors will appoint President/CEO to run operations and oversee the property. 

Board of Directors via decide equity distributions as well as eventual disposition of property. 

Risks & Disclosures

​​Risks & Mitigating Factors

As with all companies, the opportunity is tempered with certain risks. Important risks to consider are described below using internal and external categories.

      1. Launch Risks
  1. Early Stage Business. We have a short operating history. Management has experience in the areas of business, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, and e-commerce. Van Zant House and its prospects must be considered in light of the risks, expenses, and difficulties frequently encountered in any start-up.
  2. Branding. Building, strengthening, and maintaining the Van Zant House brand is important for its ability to attract and retain customers. Our branding depends upon the success of marketing and promotional efforts.
      1. Technology Associated Risks
  3. Failed Search Engine Marketing. Future revenues and inbound leads are dependent upon high ranking in the search engines and booking sites.  Reasons for failed campaigns include no clear objective (no direction), unrealistic goals, ignorance, no tracking, poor resource allocation, wrong keywords, wrong search engines, poor bidding, and inflated market conditions.  It is vitally important to identify the risks for failure as it gives indication of where mistakes can be avoided. Due diligence is the key to our strategy.
  4. Security. Van Zant House will maintain security cameras and recording on premises. Technology will be employed to the greatest extent possible to secure the property.
      1. Business and Financial Risks
  5. Competition. Van Zant House operates with limited competition. Through a superior product, solid management, and a solid marketing plan, we will become the market leader.
  6. Effective marketing and sales. Future financial performance will depend on sales. Market acceptance depends on the demand for the specific function of Van Zant House. If Van Zant House fails to meet the needs or expectations for whatever reason, Van Zant House’s reputation could be damaged, or it could require upgrading and enhancement of service resulting in higher costs and time.
  7. Poor results by service providers. Van Zant House could be adversely affected if its subcontractors/partners fail to perform to our customers’ satisfaction. This could result in loss of revenue, loss of market share, failure to achieve market acceptance, diversion of resources, injury to reputation and/or damage to brand awareness.
  8. Legal issues. Van Zant House will monitor the legal changes affecting the industry and will adapt quickly.  Should a situation arise where vacation rentals are no longer legal in the market space, the main house unit can quickly be converted to a full-time residential unit.  While this will not optimize revenues, it will certainly offset the lost income to a degree.  


Previous Funding

Previous debt funding of $250,000 from CIVIC Financial, matures 12/31/2020

Addition capital investment of approximately $150,000 by Todd Smith/Blue Horizon Venture Consulting used to restore property 

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Meet the The Van Zant House team

Todd Smith

Todd purchased the Van Zant House in December of 2015. It was abandoned and in very poor condition. Over the next few years, he gradually completed renovations both himself and with the assistance of contractors who brought the property back to life. If is now 100% occupied and fully functioning.

Todd Smith

Todd purchased the Van Zant House in December of 2015. It was abandoned and in very poor condition. Over the next few years, he gradually completed renovations both himself and with the assistance of contractors who brought the property back to life. If is now 100% occupied and fully functioning.


Monthly revenues $5000, depending on vacation rental income. 

    1. Historical Marker Text


Musicians Ronnie, Donnie, and Johnny Van Zant spent their formative years growing up in this house between the 1950’s and the 1980’s.  While living here, a serendipitous foul ball off of the baseball bat of Ronnie Van Zant at a nearby park, struck a young Bob Burns on the head, knocking him unconscious.  This chance encounter led to what would soon become one of the most famous, hardest working, rock ‘n roll bands in the world, Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Gold and Platinum albums from millions of record sales adorned the walls of this home for many years as the band toured prodigiously all over the world.  Tragedy cut short the initial incarnation of Lynyrd Skynyrd, as four members of the band, including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, perished in a plane crash in Mississippi on October 20th, 1977 after their touring plane ran out of fuel.  All other members of the band and crew were seriously injured.  Ten years later, Johnny Van Zant took over lead signing duties, as the Lynyrd Skynyrd was reborn with many of the original and contributing members.  Donnie Van Zant was a founding member and lead singer of the rock band 38 Special, a highly successful band in its own right.


    1. Van Zant House Related Reading


http://www.lynyrdskynyrdhistory.com/tf.html - Van Zant Childhood Home


Turn it Up! My years with Lynyrd Skynyrd: Love, Life, and Death, Southern Style

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The Van Zant Family Southern Music Scrap Book

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Lynyrd Skynyrd: Remembering the Free Birds of Southern Rock

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Lynyrd Skynyrd: An Oral History Paperback – June 19, 2002

by Lee Ballinger 



Jan 1, 2002 by Marley Brant


Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant, and Me ... Gene Odom

Apr 25, 2011  by Scott Coner


Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock

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All I Can Do is Write About it: One Boy's Journey Through Music with Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars: The Fast Life and Sudden Death of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Apr 1, 2015  by Mark Ribowsky


Dixie Lullaby: A Story of Music Race and New Beginnings in a New South

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The Van-Zant family : Johnny, Donnie, Lacy, Ronnie, and their southern music legacyUnknown Binding – 1995

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Falling Stars: Air Crashes that Filled Rock & Roll Heaven Hardcover – September, 2004 by Rich Everitt



The perfect getaway for a rockstar experience

5/5 Stayed Mar 2020

Michael B.

I only wish I could have stayed longer

Published Mar 16, 2020

Beyond expectations

5/5 Stayed Jan 2020

Ron B.

We had such a great time...house was set up beautifully-nostalgic yet w up to date amenities!

Published Jan 8, 2020

I successfully completed a long awaited bucket list item. Loved it and recommend highly !

5/5 Stayed Aug 2019

Katherine K.

I’ve loved Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ronnie Van Zant since 1973. When Oh I saw that the boyhood Home of Ronnie Van Zant and his family was available to rent on VRBO, I made arrangements with one of my friends who is also a huge fan to rent this home for a weekend. I was so excited when I got there I could hardly sleep! Just to imagine walking the same floors that Ronnie and his family walked was just amazing. It is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend to any Skynyrd fan ❤️🦅�🎼�🎸�

Published Aug 28, 2019

Owner's Response:

Thanks for your visit, come on back any time!!

Absolutely Fantastic Experience!

5/5 Stayed Jul 2019

We rented the house for the weekend. We are from Orlando and were seeing the Stones in concert. The house made the weekend! We are Skynyrd and .38 Special fans and to have stayed in the cradle of southern rock was truly amazing. We shot pool, cooked in the famous "Sister" Kitchen and slept in Ronnie, Donnie and Johnny's bedroom. My boyfriend and I loved checking out all the additions and house modifications done by Lacy himself. Todd the new owner along with help from Gene Odom and others did a truly outstanding job on saving this home and getting it back to the state it is in. It is so original. We loved the brick wallpaper and the nails which still remained in the kitchen walls from Marion's pictures. We had a blast and we will back! next time for a longer stay. Alan & Jen

Published Jul 23, 2019

Owner's Response:

Glad you enjoyed it! Come on back any time!

Great Historical Experience

5/5 Stayed Jun 2019

Sam H.

This property is what it is. It is in an ordinary neighborhood and it is an older property. It is also a work in progress. The owner is very accurate in describing it. With that said it is a historical property of the beginning of southern rock music and the great bands Lynyrd Skynyrd and 38 Special. if you are a fan there is no way you can say no to this property. It is a must see. I am very excited to visit again in the future to see the progress made in the renovations and restoration of this great home. Thank you so much for saving such an iconic landmark for rock fans everywhere.

Published Jul 3, 2019

Project FAQs

Ask A Question
Question: Hello. I do not have much money. I am single and paying for a house by myself. I would like to be a part of this. Is $20 enough to be a part? I am a huge Skynyrd fan and I have a history with them, Gene, Lacy, & Sister. Please let me know. Thank you.

Answer: Unfortunately, $250 is the minimum. I fought really hard to make this amount as low as I could, knowing that some people who might want to participate couldn't afford a lot. In the end, though, the FundMe people said it was just too expensive and time consuming to process payments and paperwork for investments that are any smaller. If you notice on their platform, most of the other minimums are $1000. The offering should be open for a good part of 2021, unless it fills up, so you should have time to save up if you want to take part later in the year. We hope you do. We want this to be for the true fans!

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