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Cloud Computing Solutions

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Funded - $10,625
Time Left - Closed
Target - $10,000
Max. Raise - $250,000


Project Overview

Cloud Computing Solutions

Extremely efficient technology, consuming 80% less energy, allowing us to offer our services well below market prices. This will disrupt the likes of Amazon and Google. Be Part Of The Movement!

What does your Company do?

We Provide Cloud Computing services for companies that require large amounts of computing power i.e, Video Gaming, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, 5G Hosting, Medical Vaccine Ananysis, to name a few.  Our Technology is faster, more secure, consumes significantly less energy and more economical than traditional Systems and Blade Servers.


Where will your company be in 5 years? 

In 5 years we want to be in a position to be acquired or go public so that we can continue to grow this amazing technology.  Either way, our goal is to grow to several hundred servers in Multiple Data Processing Centers as our plan allows.


Why did you choose this idea? 

We are always looking to create a bigger technological footprint.  Even though our system has a small footprint now, it has very low energy consumption at faster speeds.  This allows us to be more ecologically responsible while providing a superior product and service.  This also leads to profitability all the while making us socially responsible.


Why is this a good idea, right now?  What changed in the world?  Why wasn't this done a few years ago? 

We all know technology is constantly evolving. The combined experience and success of our team has created the perfect time and space for our technology to "disrupt" the AI, Machine Learning space/DNN Space. Since the world is already moving to the "Cloud", we plan to be above the rest with our Cirrus Cloud Server. Faster, Stronger, and More Economical. The financial backstop of being able to mine Cryptocurrency takes what would otherwise be idle infrastructure and turn it into a revenue-generating proposition. Using this alternative, we can continue to fill up our capacity with higher revenue High Computation business as we grow. It is analogous to having unsold inventory in a store generating revenue while it sits on the shelf.


How far along are you?  What's your biggest obstacle? 

We have acquired our first server and it will be recommissioned in a facility in the 3rd quarter of 2020. We have significant interest and several Letters of Interest to utilize our platform for AI, Machine Learning, Online Video Game Companies and the Medical Industry for vaccine analysis to name a few.


Who competes with you?  What do you understand that they don't? 

The industry leaders we compete with are Amazon and Google. We have certain proprietary technology and systems they do not. We feel we are more agile and now that we are on the ground, could be an imminent threat to them and disrupt their business model. Our target market is small to mid-cap regional businesses. We feel we have a great deal of personal influence through our Management Team and Advisory Board in those areas. Our goal is not necessarily to attack these leaders head-on but to go after their underserved clients and overlooked markets. Our goal is to attract them to us as a potential suitor as we feel that is the best strategy for our shareholders.


How will you make money? 

We will make money by providing a business commodity, "Cloud Computing for high computation processes", with a superior system, at a fraction of the cost. A unique component of our company is that we will always make money with our infrastructure. We will accomplish this by mining Cryptocurrencies with any computing power that is not being used for Cloud Computing. Whether investors love, hate, or not understand Cryptocurrencies, the fact is "Crypto" can be turned into US Dollars easily and we believe "Crypto" is here to stay ($225 BB market cap 5/25/2020). This backdrop will cover our core operational costs. This itself is profitable, however, we are not by definition, a Cryptocurrency company. We are a Cloud Solutions Company.


What are the biggest risks?  If you fail, what would be the reason?  What has to go right for you to succeed? 

One of the biggest risks we see is will a customer trust a smaller company with better technology as opposed to Amazon or Google? If we were not to succeed, it may be we cannot convince people to go with high quality technology at a lesser cost over the more visible and established entity. We can overcome this by providing excellent customer service, reliability, faster speeds, and exceptional value for the customer. To achieve our goals, we need to identify "Anchor Accounts". Once we have them on-boarded, we will continue to market in that industry space as our growth will allow. While we are accomplishing this, we will be generating income by mining Crypto. We also need to manage our variable costs like development and programming as these cost centers need to be focused and efficient.



Business Plan

See Business Plan under Documents

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Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities


1,500 Common Shares were authorized and issued as of January 9, 2020.  1000 Common Class B (non-voting) shares were issued on February 15, 2020.

Justin Covillon owns 23% of 1500 shares outstanding total or 350 shares.  No other single shareholder owns more than 20% of the outstanding Common Shares

Reg CF holders of 1st round funding will receive a total of 250 Common Shares Class B (non-voting) upon the retirement of the $250,000 Revenue Share Promissory Note (RSPN)


Instrument Issued for Consideration to Reg CF Investors: RSPN Units/Common B Shares
  • Amount/Price: RSPN Units at $1.00 per Unit
  • Common Shares Conversion: 1000 RSPN Units Convert to 1 Common Share(Class B Non-Voting)
  • Payment Terms: 20% of Net Revenues until Lender has received original loan amount plus 1.0X, paid quarterly
  • Other Terms: Lender will have Right to invest in future funding rounds at a 20% discount up to 2.0X of their original investment

Risks & Disclosures


1.  Our Company has little to no operating history and there is no guarantee we will be able to successfully launch our Business Plan. Investments in startups are speculative and these companies often fail. Unlike an investment in a mature business where there is a track record of revenue and income, the success of a startup often relies on the development of a new product or service that may or may not find a market. You should be able to afford and be prepared to lose your entire investment.

2.  Since the Company will be mining Crypto Currencies, there is inherent risks involved with mining, owning, trading, and converting these currencies to fiat currencies.

3.  You may be investing in preferred equity, Revenue Share Promissory Notes (RSPN), common equity, or convertible notes. These securities instruments all have different inherent risks caused by their structure. You should take the time to understand the nature of the securities instrument that you are investing in.

4.  Startup companies may need to raise additional capital in the future. When these new investors make their investment into the company they may receive newly issued securities. These new securities will dilute the percentage ownership that you have in the business.

5.  The startup may face competition from other companies, some of which might have received more funding than the startup has. One or more of the company’s competitors could offer services similar to those offered by the company at significantly lower prices, which would cause downward pressure on the prices the company would be able to charge for its services. If the company is not able to charge the prices it anticipates charging for its services, there may be a material adverse effect on the company’s results of operations and financial condition

6.  The company is at an early stage may only be able to provide limited information about its business plan and operations because it does not have fully developed operations or long trading history. The company is also only obligated to provide limited information regarding its business and financial affairs to investors.

7.  The company may require funds in excess of its existing cash resources to fund operating expenses, develop new products, expand its marketing capabilities, and finance general and administrative activities. Due to market conditions at the time the company needs additional funding, it is possible that the company will be unable to obtain additional funding when it needs it, or the terms of any available funding may be unfavorable. If the company is unable to obtain additional funding, it may not be able to repay debts when they are due or the new funding may excessively dilute existing investors. If the company is unable to obtain additional funding as and when needed, it could be forced to delay its development, marketing, expansion efforts and if it continues to experience losses, potentially cease operations.

8.  Unlike publicly traded companies that are valued publicly through market-driven stock prices, the valuation of private companies, especially startups, is difficult to assess. The issuer will set the share price for your investment and you may risk overpaying for your investment. The price you pay for your investment may have a material impact on your eventual return, if any at all.

9.  Any returns may take several years to materialize. Most startups take five to seven years to generate any investment return, if any at all. It may also take many years before you will know if a startup investment will generate any return. You should not invest any funds in which you require a return within a certain time frame.

10.  The amount of return on investment, if any, is highly variable and not guaranteed. Some startups may be successful and generate significant returns, but many will not be successful and will only generate small returns, if any at all. Any returns that you may receive will be variable in amount, frequency, and timing. You should not invest any funds in which you require a regular, predictable and/or stable return.

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Charles Parks - Achieve Health Management Group, Inc

Harvey Boagarat - Achieve Health Management Group, Inc

James Bailey - Achieve Health Management inc & Former CEO of Liberty Medical

Bill Barre - Mr. Barre brings over 35 years of experience in the health care and pharmaceutical industries.  He has experience in running operations for companies such as Target Pharmacy, MedImpact as well as Achieve Health Management.  Mr. Barre brings contacts to CCSG in several industries as well as insight into how our technology will best serve the medical space.

Claude Palmer - Chairman of the Board, Sentient LLC & Trypto, Inc.

Willie Gault - Former NFL player and Olympian


Key Customers & Partners


Sentient Database Inc

Sentient is a partner with CCSG for providing efficient Cloud Computing to their business vertical and subsidiary affiliates.  Currently, Sentitent works in the gaming, wireless, medical, financial and the travel/hospitality industries.  They have strategic alliances with groups such as Nortel, KPMG, Texas Instruments, NHL, Hyundai, Mandalay Bay and Fujitsu to name a few.  We have partnered with Sentient to provide Cloud Servers for their database management and hardware needs.  We will in turn issue a licesning agreement and/or revenue share on the projects they bring to CCSG.  Our Advisor Member Claude Palmer is the Chairman of the Board of Sentient and introduced CCSG's Cirrus Cloud Server to their Board for approval.  We are currnetly in talks for a multi-server order from Sentient and hope to have an initial order from them in 3rd quarter 2020.

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